Cars Jet

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61 Nikola Gabrovski Blvd., Veliko Turnovo (enter from Magistralna str.)
Phone: +359 62 63 24 10 / +359 886 98 28 28


Auto wash Cars Jet is situated in an extremely communicative place in Veliko Turnovo. Here you will find great quality at very reasonable prices. We use a new cleaning method - contactless cleaning. Besides taking care of your vehicle, we also offer carpet and other textile cleaning.

Contactless cleaning

Cleaning with special detergents, which remove even the worst contamination with ease, without the need of rubbing with a rag. And the best part about it is that the method doesn't scratch the polish of the vehicle.

Wheels cleaning and polish

For the perfect vision of your vehicle we offer wheels cleaning and polishing.

Engine cleaning

The cleanliness of the vehicle is important not only on the outsid eand inside of the compartment, but also under the hood. We offer the service "engine cleaning".